Ghana launches project to get hawkers, beggars off streets


The Ghanaian government has launched an initiative dubbed “Operation Get off the Streets for a Better Life” aimed at idding the country’s streets of hawkers and beggars.

Speaking at the launch, Minister of Gender, Children and Social protection, Otiko Djaba, said the main objective of the project is to provide a better alternative to street life and integrate people back into families and communities.

Djaba said the target group includes hawkers, children beggars and those contracted to push disabled people in wheelchairs to ask for alms, persons with disabilities, families in the streets and displaced persons.

The five-year programme is expected to get over 6,000 children off the streets across the country.

So far, about 4,098 children have been registered under the scheme.

Djaba appealed to corporate organizations to support the government’s initiative to get children off the streets.

If your child is on the streets, parent, please look for that child; child, if you have run away from home, go back home; the streets are not safe,” Djaba said.