Adamawa lawmakers recommend ‘N2,000 fine for cheating’

From Babayola Muhammad, Yola 

There was a mild drama in Adamawa House of Assembly when the House Committee on Justice/Judiciary recommended 10 years imprisonment or an option of N2,000 fine for anyone found guilty of cheating.

The drama started at the consideration of the report on the bill for a law to establish administration of criminal justice law presented by a member representing Mubi North Constituency who is the House Standing Committee Chairman on Justice/Judiciary, Sani Shehu.

Shehu who tried to defend the recommendation, said the fine could be more than N2,000 as the language used in the proposed bill said it should not be less than N2, 000 but could be more.

“It means the judge can fined convict  more than N2,000 but not less than that. We need to know that if we feel the N2,000 is small, the fact is that even if the convict paid he still remains an ex-convict,” Shehu said.

He also argued that there was need for the law to have human face since conviction was meant to be a correctional measure.

However, many members of the house including the speaker who presided over the sitting, Kabiru Mijinyawa kicked against the fine of N2,000 saying it was too small.

“N2,000 is too small. Why not make it like something between N200,000 to N500,000,” the speaker said.

The House Majority Leader Hassan Barguma also kicked against the amount and suggested that the committee should be given time to go and do a thorough job to address such recommendations in the bill.

After series of criticism on the fine, the house resolved to consider the report based on agreement that necessary amendments would be made to contentious areas like the fine before the third reading of the bill on another legislative day.