Rahama Sadau speaks on her relationship with Akon, Ali Nuhu, Sani Danja, others

By Aisha Babangida Salisu

Popular Kannywood and Nollywood actress Rahama Sadau has once again opened up on her relationship with other stars in the industry.

The actress revealed this in an explosive interview with Aminu Sharriff on his popular Kundin Kannywood show in Arewa24.

Ms Sadau spoke freely on her life, studies, career, family and what people think of her, among others.

Speaking on her invitation by Akon, she said “the invitation I got from Akon was one of my biggest surprises and happiest moment. This is because at first, I didn’t even believe it when I saw the invitation.”

When she was asked whether she was in touch with the popular musician before he extended the invitation, she said “ever since I started my acting career, I have never for once approached anyone or do anything naughty or weird to get something. My religion plays a great role in my life. We are all guided by our religion. One doesn’t need to be told when and how to do the right or wrong thing.”

When she was asked who she would like to get married to among the three top Kannywood actors: Ali Nuhu, Sadiq Sani Sadiq, and Sani Danja, she said “a lady doesn’t gets married to her elder brothers. I consider all the three as my brothers from same parent. Laughter.”

The actress, however, admitted that she is a  relationship with another guy. “We are dating right now and we will consider marriage soon,” she said without mentioning who that lucky guy is.