People with diabetes can eat anything but in small quantity – Dr Sola Osindero

A public physician, Dr Sola Osindero has advised people living with diabetes to eat foods that contained carbohydrates moderately to free their body from excess glucose.

The doctor gave the advice at a free blood sugar test and awareness programme organised by the Youth wing of the Rotaract Club (Golden) of Mushin in Lagos on Wednesday.

“People with diabetes can eat anything but it has to be in small quantity; in the past we advised people never to eat ‘garri’ at all but these days we advised them to eat, but it should be the size of a fist, with lots of vegetables.

“Excess carbohydrate in the body can raise blood sugar levels so therefore, too much of it can cause problems for people with diabetes.

He also added that “Also if they want to tackle weight gain, I will advise that they reduce their daily carbohydrate intake.”

Dr Sola also urged people to regularly go for check up, adding that diabetes was a killer disease and the symptoms were not the typical one that people were used to.

He again advised people living with diabetes to exercise to keep fit.

Earlier, David Chidozie, the President of Rotary Club of Mushin Golden added that the objective of the programme was to sensitize the people about diabetes.

“Today is World Diabetes Day and we are commemorating it with free testing and screening for diabetes.

“We are planning to test over 100 people in the community; and in cases where we have people testing positive, we will refer them to the general hospital at our own expense.

“Don’t also forget that we just gave out 1000 free reading glasses with drugs last two months as part of our areas of focus.

“Our areas of focus are maternal health, water sanitation, community empowerment, peace and conflicts resolution,’’ he said.

He advised  residents to take advantage of the opportunity to come out and be tested.