Prince Charles to celebrate 70th birthday among 70yrs old people

Aisha Babangida Salisu

The United Kingdom’s Prince Charles is set to celebrate his 70th birthday in the mix of 70 inspirational people who have all turned 70 this year.

Prince Charles who was born in November 14th 1948 at the Buckingham Palace is celebrating his 70th birthday on Wednesday.

To celebrate his royal highness’s birthday, he will attend a special tea party foreshadowing 70 inspirational people who also turned 70 this year, before heading to a private function for friends and family hosted by the queen.

His royal highness was born four years before his now 92-year-old mother Queen Elizabeth ascended to the throne following the death of her father George VI.

“When my mama succeeded and became queen and my grandfather died so young, aged 57, I ended up becoming heir to the throne aged four,” Charles said in a BBC documentary aired last week.

The heir to the British throne has waited longer than any of his predecessors to become monarch and would be the oldest king in a lineage that dates back 1,000 years.

Prince Charles had last week visited Nigeria were he campaigned for support from both government and private sector on issues that include climate change, architecture and farming.