Lack of professionalism a great challenge in Kannywood Industry – Usman Adam

Aisha Babangida Salisu
Usman Adam is a reigning director in the Kannywood Industry. In an interview with Aminu shariff on Kundin Kannywood show, Adam talked about disturbing issues and other challenges facing Kannywood Industry. He provided helpful answers to questions asked.
When asked about why works of plenty producers and directors easily fall apart? The director said, “it is partly due to lack of professionalism and that anybody’s work that falls apart and or gets spoil, its purely do to the person’s fault. He said, “Kannywood industry is lacking professionals and that most directors don’t have professional knowledge about film making. They just use the trial and failure method which is why must Kannywood produced films have lapses
When asked about the percentage of professionals in Kannywood who produce films using their professional knowledge, he put it at, “30 out of 100 percent.”
He however, expressed happiness on the efforts being made by stakeholders to acquire professionalism. “I am sure 50 out of a 100 percent kannywood producers, directors, actors and actresses are trying their best to gain professional knowledge on film making and its business.”
The film maker also brought up the issue of lack of cinemas in the Kannywood film industry as one of the serious challenges affecting film industry in the north. He also believe that people’s wrong perception of Kannywood has also been a contributing factor why more cinemas have not been built, yet.
The director then advised that film makers should try their possible best to get professional knowledge on film making in order to have more progress and prosperity in the Kannywood film industry.
“Our members in the industry should not only depend in film making, but rather they should also be content providers using their company productions,” he advised.