Why I refused to sign new electoral act – Buhari

By Bature Dan-Inni

President Muhammadu Buhari has said that the use of newly advanced technology in the electoral process is the reason why he refused to signed the proposed Electoral Act.

Speaking to VOA Hausa service on Tuesday, Buhari said that the use of such technology has already caused serious electoral manipulations even in the advanced countries like the United States of America (USA).

He said, “As you are aware, there is still ongoing controversy surrounding the Russian involvement in the US election of November 2016 using the new advanced technology. And that is America for that matter. If such can happen to America, then what about us?

“Because through the use of this advanced technology, one may have gotten 5million votes and somebody, somewhere would use his phone technology and reduce it to 1million votes and then increase the number of votes for himself.

“Why should I agree to that? It is for that reason I refused to sign it and I have said it point black. I will not sign it,” he queried.

When asked about his recent pledge to support those people who assists him to be reelected and the cries of those who supported him in the past but were not compensated, Buhari said that he thought the people complaining have supported him because of God.

He said, “Only God can satisfy people. I thought those who supported me in 2003, 2007 and 2011 have done it because of Allah (God). This is because many of them knows that we didn’t do money politics because we had no money.

“We try to enlighten the people that we would hold their resources in confidence and with justice. We would ensure that equity and fairness are played in all dealings and we would not allow anyone to cheat them. so, they agreed and voted us and it was on that gesture we operate.

Speaking further regarding those politicians as some governors and National Assembly (NASS) leaders who decamped to the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Buhari said that he would ensure that the police and other security agencies abide by the rules and regulations so that Nigerians vote candidates of their choice without any form of humiliation.

“If people at the constituencies of those defecting politicians find them worthy of leading them, then they have right to vote for them. What I am assuring Nigerians is that I would not condone any form of rigging and I would ensure that whoever commits any electoral offence if prosecuted before the swearing-in,” he assured.