Obasanjo vs Buhari: The 2019 election in question

By Abiola David

The battle between former president Olusagun Obasanjo and President Muhammadu Buhari yesterday took a new dimension as the two former military heads attacked one another following a sixteen page open letter titled “Point for Concern and Action” Obasanjo wrote to Buhari.

In the letter, the former president Obasanjo pointed out some issues which he believed were critical national issues and need to be addressed with all sincerity .

However, in a swift reaction to Obasanjo’s allegation, the special adviser to the President on Media Garba Shehu, in a press release issued on Sunday night says the former Obasanjo was only being jealous because President Buhari has more esteem than him, adding that the claim that the President has put in place rigging machinery was outlandish and outrageous.

“Our first message to the former President is that he needs a good doctor for good treatment and to say to him, ‘Get well soon’.”

Obasanjo raised issues among which was  the process leading to the conduct of the 2019 Genaral election, pointing out that the integrity of the Electoral umpire, the Independent National Electoral Commission(INEC) should be  put into question.

According to Obasanjo, the body language of the present administration and the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) towards the election are negative, sighting instances of the Ekiti and Osun State election.

He further accused Buhari of portraying the characters of the late former Military Head of State General Sanni Abacha, whom he described as a dictator.

Reacting further to the Obasanjo’s letter, Garba Shehu said, Obasanjo has lost out and is not happy because Nigerians don’t trust him anymore, adding that, Obasanjo has never let any president of Nigeria to work freely since he left power in 2007.

“As repeatedly said of him, since Chief Obasanjo left office in 1979, he never let every succeeding leader of the country function freely, and this included the one he personally handpicked against all known rules drawn up by the party that put him in the office of the President. But Chief Obasanjo is jealous because President Buhari has more esteem than him and the sooner he learns to respect him the better.

“It is a notorious fact that in dealing with any leader that he failed to control, he resorted to these puerile attacks. As the grand patron, more correctly the grandfather of corruption as described by the National Assembly, Chief Obasanjo released today’s letter purely for the reason of rescuing his thriving corruption establishment.

“The elections starting in February will be free and fair as promised the nation and the international community by President Buhari.

“What Chief Obasanjo and his co-travelers in the PDP should expect is that from the outcome, we will teach them a political lesson that they will never forget. This margin will be much bigger than we had in 2015,” Shehu added.