Moment For Political Thought 1, By Shuaib Isa Ahmad

In reality, Nigeria as a multi-cultural and multi-religious country has two major religions: Islam and Christianity each competing superiority and dominance over one another. 
Yes,the geo-political region that constitute the  Nigeria of today was the creation of the British Colonialists through the amalgamation of the Northern and Southern protectorate in 1914.
We know that before the amalgamation, Nigeria was a heterogeneous society with many autonomous states within the nation existing independently.
Since 1960, the Nigerian political process has been so erratic , giving rise to Governmental instability.
The Judiciary as an arm of a responsible government is the most respectable body among the arms of government.
Constitutionally , the Chief Justice of Nigeria heads the Supreme Court of Nigeria. The main function of the judiciary is interpretation of law and strengthening the rule of law, ensuring compliance with legislation and developing democracy.
In addition ,the judiciary also performs checks on the powers of the executive and the legislature.
As Nigeria is trying to be transformed in to a well  Democratic state , problems such as election crisis , religion and tribal sentiments add up to the complexity of the the problem of the so called Democratic Nigeria, therefore manipulations in elections has been an integral part of the  problem.
However, what are the causes of election crisis and why should Nigerian politicians find it so difficult to conduct free and fair elections without ending them in chaos? And what are the explanations and panacea for this problem?
It is important for us  to first determine the type of election in which we  will be running and what will be the rules of the election. If you consider it as a game ,much of the basic strategy depends on how the reality of the Nigerian Politics is.
To our presidential  candidates some questions may arise  such as do you need a majority of the votes to win an election ? Will there be a runoff election? We should definitely understand the laws without any complications.
If so , then why do Nigerian political  crises seem to occur so often in clusters?
Before the 2015 general election , to many Nigerians  president Muhammadu Buhari is man of integrity , a man who cares about the Laws of Nigeria and have a respect to a constituted authority , rule of law and all arms of power disregarding his errors of the  1984 when he was a military dictator.
Few days back , President Muhammadu Buhari, gave an unprecedented turn to the an unexpected  trial of the Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN), Justice Walter Onnoghen, at the Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT), when he unilaterally suspended Onnoghen and on his own and his faceless advisers swore-in Justice Tanko Muhammed as the new Acting Chief Justice of Nigeria.
To many judicial experts including those in the United States and United Kingdom, the  action of the president is  undemocratic hence, such an act is is unknowns and  unacceptable to law.
In response to that , Mal Garba Shehu challenges the criticism of US and UK and that, gave rise to many windows of critics against the government of president Muhammadu Buhari . Many thinkers considered Malam Garba Shehu as an intellectual fusspot for accusing the US and UK and even EU of meddling in Nigeria’s internal affairs.
They spot it as a clear display of lack of decorum and ingratitude.
It is still on record that weeks before the  2015 elections , the formee president of the United States  Barack Obama made a series of speeches about Nigerian elections in a televised message to Nigerians, asking Nigerians to open a new chapter which according to many political stake holders was a strategic campaign in favour of Buhari.
John Kerry visited Nigeria several times and even held talks with both Buhari and Jonathan.
Considering the violations of Court orders and the gravitational disregard to the rule of law demonstrated by Buhari, one can confidently withdraw his respect and support for him.
1. The Case of Sheikh Ibraheem El-Zakzaky
2. The Case of Col.Sambo Dasuki (rtd)
are still on record.
With these unscrupulous characters demonstrated by Mr President people have the right to ask the question of  ‘Is our Democracy safe’ ?