JUST IN: IMN denies any political alliance with APGA presidential candidate

The Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) on Sunday denied making any commitment to give a five (5) million votes to the presidential candidate of the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA), Major General John Ghor in the forthcoming presidential poll scheduled for Feb. 16.
The IMN also denies entering into any political alliance with APGA or any other party at the moment, even as the movement said, its member have resolve exercise their civic right by participating in the elections scheduled for Feb. 16 and March 2.
In a statement on Sunday signed by Mohammad Ibrahim Gamawa of the IMN’s Resource Forum, the movement said, “Our attention has been drawn to a purported publication published in the Blueprint newspaper of February, 1st 2019 on page 18 on the above subject matter in relation to the forthcoming general elections of  February 16.
“In the said publication, it was said that the followers of Shia Islam in Nigeria under one Amir Sadiq Muhammed, who paraded himself as the Movements National Secretary, a position not know to the Islamic movement in Nigeria, have entered into negotiations to give a block votes of five (5) million to the All Progressive Grand Alliance Presidential candidate (APGA). In person of Major General John Gbor(rtd) in the forth-coming Presidential poll. Ordinarily, this fraudstar would have been ignored if he had not mentioned the Zaria and recent Abuja massacre planned and executed by men of the Nigerian Army of which the victims are one hundred percent all followers of sheikh Zakzaky.
“It is on this note that we as members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria wish to state here without any ambiguity that there was no such negotiation between us and the political party in question (APGA) or any other party. Even though the movement has expressed readiness to support a candidate that believes in fairness, religious freedom and  does not pursue a sectarian agenda such as crushing minority religious groups in the country.
“This contradicts the Nigerian constitution that guaranteed the freedom of worship,” the statement by the IMN added.
Consequently, the IMN said that its members who have registered to vote in the forthcoming elections are far more than the number that was quoted by the purported report from the fraudster, adding that, their votes are meant for those candidates who know human value.
It said, “It is important for the general public to know that contrary to the five million votes the fraud star Amir Sadiq Mohammed mentioned in the said report, the movement has more than eight (8) million registered voters who would go out on the election day and cast their votes to the candidate that believes in justice, fairness and religious freedom.
“Furthermore, it is equally important to mention that we do not have anything against any political party in Nigeria, neither are we political group. It is pertinent to know that no adherent of sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky will ever support a party or any candidate that has taken it upon himself to wipe out Shia Muslims in the country,” it added.
The movement, then appeal to the general public to disregard any information that did not emanates directly from the movement’s leadership.
“Finally, the Islamic movement wishes to draw the attention of the general public, especially political parties to be wary of fraudsters like Amir Sadiq Mohammed and others who might come their way again,” the statement concludes.