Lai Mohammed, PDP trade words over accusation of attempt to discredit presidential polls

By Philip Shimnom Clement

Minister of information, Lai Mohammed says the opposition is dispatching a 10-man delegation to the US and UK to discredit the President Muhammadu Buhari administration and the forthcoming polls.

Mohammed said this on Monday while speaking with journalists in Abuja.

But in a swift reaction, the spokesperson of the Peoples Democratic Party, (PDP), Kola Ologbondiyan said that any accusation from the minister on the opposition should not be taken serious by Nigerians, adding that, Lai Mohammed only specializes in crying foul.

“In fact, Lai Mohammed should be seen as a complacent to anything he accused the opposition of attempting to do. For example, he accused the PDP of planning to bring people from Niger Republic to cause mayhem. But what happened? We saw him and president Muhammadu Buhari bringing in governors and people from the same Niger Republic and that made him a complacent to his own accusation. Nigerians should not take him serious, anymore,” Kola said.

However, the minister said the opposition is planning to tell these countries that the Buhari administration has concluded plans of rigging the polls.

“We can reveal that the opposition is moving a step further. They are working hard to discredit the forthcoming election before, during and after the polls,” he said.

“To further their plan, the opposition is dispatching a 10-member delegation to some Western capitals, including London, Brussels and Washington DC to sell the idea that the Buhari administration has perfected plan to rig the election.

“They have no empirical basis for the idea they are pushing, beyond relying on exploiting the nation’s ‘fault lines’ of religion, ethnicity and regionalism. Specifically, they are sending a delegation to some western capitals, including London, Brussels and Washington DC to push the concocted line that the Buhari administration has perfected the plan to rig the polls.

“They are therefore pushing for a rejection of the results if the president wins’ reelection. They are also predicting carnage in the event of the president’s victory,” the minister added.

Mohammed however assured Nigerians of federal government’s commitment to free, fair, credible and peaceful polls.

“We are glad that local and international observers are already fully mobilized to monitor the election,” Mohammed said.

“We call on all Nigerians to be vigilant as we begin the final countdown to the election. Eternal vigilance, as the saying goes, is the price of liberty. We must not allow desperate politicians to crash our democracy on the altar of their personal – and sometimes inordinate – ambition,” he added.