Valentines Day: Reno Omokri advise youths to desist from sex

By Abigail Benjamin
As Valentines day approaches, former aide to President Goodluck Jonathan and author, Reno Omokri has advised Nigerian youths to desist from sexual activities on that day as it does not reflect the true meaning of  the day.
In a tweet posted on his twitter handle (@renoomokri) he said: “Valentines Day is coming. It is another opportunity for satan to deceive you that sex is love. Sex is not love. Animals have sex too.
“The main purpose of sex is procreation (having children to preserve life on earth). The byproduct is pleasure. Love does not come in. Love is the unselfish desire for the good of someone other than yourself. This Valentines Day, celebrate love, not sex,” he added.
Valentines Day is usually celebrated globally on February 14 every year.