Man begs court to save his life from ‘troublesome’ wife

A father of one, Taofeek Olanrewaju, on Wednesday, told a Mapo Customary Court in Ibadan that he ran away from his matrimonial home to avoid his wife’s constant quarrels.

Olanrewaju, a building engineer who lives at Liberty-Academy area of Ibadan, has therefore asked the court to dissolve his eight-year-old marriage to his wife, Mariam.

“For eight good years since I took Mariam as a wife, I have never had any rest of mind.

“In our house, it is one day, one trouble due to her quarrelsome nature; every now and then, Mariam threatens my existence.

“In fact, I have had to run away for my dear life because of the litany of problems she gives me.

“Despite abandoning the house to her, I have never defaulted in performing my responsibilities towards the child and Mariam.

“I have chosen to part ways with her so as to forestall any break down of law and order from my side or blood shedding,” Taofeek told the court.

Although the  respondent, consented to the application for divorce, she however, refuted the petitioner’s allegations

Mariam, a fashion designer, accused her husband of being irresponsible.

“Though I accept Taofeek’s divorce suit, but I want this court to know that it was a minor misunderstanding that took place between him and I.

“The disagreement had to do with the child I had in my first marriage with another man and since then, Taofeek abandoned us at home.

“I have spent all the money used in running my business on feeding,” Mariam said.

The President Court, Chief Ademola Odunade, granted the application since there was no more love between husband and wife.

“In the interest of peace and order, the husband and wife relationship between Taofeek and Mariam has ceased to be.

“Mariam shall take custody of the seven-year-old child produced by the union and Taofeek shall pay a monthly allowance of N5,000 for the child’s upkeep in addition to being responsible for his education and other welfare,” he ruled. (NAN)