Endorsing Buhari’s candidature: Count us out, says IMN

The Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) has distanced itself from a recent endorsement of president Muhammadu Buhari by a political group called ‘Shiite Youth Political Forum’ in Katsina state.
In a statement signed by Muhammad Ibrahim Gamawa, Member of Resource Forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, IMN said it had never had any ‘Shiite Political Forum’ and that its activities are always channeled through its official communication channels which has never been the one that did the endorsement.
The statement read in part: “We read with dismay an alleged declaration by a so called ‘Shi’ite Youth Political Forum’ in Katsina State that the Islamic Movement in Nigeria has endorsed the candidature of President Muhammad Buhari in the forthcoming election, which was published on an online Vanguard News dated 6th February, 2019. 
“On our part, it’s sufficient to state, not even to explain, but simply declare that the Islamic Movement in Nigeria has never had any ‘Shi’ite Youth Political Forum.’ All our communications are channelled from renown sources which have not been hidden from the general public. The positions of the Movement have not been known to be decided by a selection of unknown youths.
“For the records, you may recall that it is the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari that launched an unprovoked attack on the Islamic Movement in Nigeria in December 2015, where a 1000+ members of the Movement were mercilessly killed indiscriminately and buried in mass graves. The attackers (Nigerian Army) killed 3 sons of the Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria Sheikh Ibrahim El Zakzaky in his presence, shot him and his wife severally and incarcerated them in an illegal detention for more than 3 years. That after securing an order for his release by the Federal High Court, the Government flouted the court order and kept them in detention till present despite their multiple injuries and denied them access to medical attention. The government of Buhari had in December 2018 opened fire on members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria in broad daylight and killed over 70 youths in Abuja.
“With all these atrocities and many more, endorsing the candidature of Buhari will be endorsing all the atrocities committed by his government, including incarceration of Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife. No right thinking person will believe that the Movement will endorse a president that committed heinous crimes against its members,” the statement added.
The IMN, therefore, called upon the general public and the press to verify statements attributed to the Islamic Movement in Nigeria from the source before believing them, adding that, the Movement and its members will never have anything to do with supporting the candidature of the person that killed their men and turned their women and children widows and orphans.
“The Islamic Movement in Nigeria will not be blind and  ignorant to support a candidate that infringe the rights of minorities all over the nation. Thus, its members will utilize and use their 8 million votes wisely to support democracy not tyranny,” IMN said.