Brand experts condemns broom monument at city gate

Abiola David

Brand experts has condemned a giant broom believed to be the symbol of the All Progressive Congress (APC) erected at the Abuja city gate.

Cyril Harcourt, a Nigerian brand expert based in the United Kingdom, has described the giant broom at the Abuja city gate as a “huge mistake”.

He said, the symbol of the broom as widely circulated on the social media has relegated the dignity of national monument at the entrance of the Federal Capital.

He noted that the city gate was known for tourist destination by foreign embassies in the country during celebration of their national days.

“The national monument shouldn’t be contaminated with local partisanship by erecting a party symbol near it.”

Another advert practitioner Marshal Kwagh who also reacted the development, accused the two major leading political parties the APC and the Peoples Democratic Part (PDP) of committing the same offence adding the campaign board and posters of candidates had litter the whole areas near the monument and it became obvious especially when approaching from the airport.

“It is an image thing that could damage the brand, we should be careful about how we play politics in this country,

”apart from the embassies using the monument, multilateral organization like the UN, AU,ECOWA could use the monument and its environs to host event or make endorsement”

However, the publicity Secretary of the All Progressive Congress Lanre Isa- Onilu he said, the broom was erected by the supporters of the APC.

He said, “The opposition party also have access to erect their own symbol.”