Buhari’s invitation to Natanyahu is to mark feat against Zakzaky, IMN claims

President Muhammadu Buhari has sent a letter inviting, Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel to Nigeria, few daya after returning from Saudi Arabia, the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) has claimed.

The confirmation of this was announced recently for him to attend Nigeria’s Democracy Day celebrations coming up on June 12.

Benjamin Netanyahu, is alleged to have participated in international war criminal and mass murder of Palestinian women and children, and was said to be the first to acknowledge and cheer the heinous Zaria genocide.

He was also alleged to have collaborated with the Saudi Arabian monarch to call Buhari hours into the Zaria pogrom to congratulate him in what he claimed was a remarkable feat in the war against humanity.

There has also been claims that the fight against the Islamic Movement and Sheikh Zakzaky is being executed as a proxy war for Israel, and financed by Saudi Arabia.

Islamic movement also claim that Buhari is also alleged to have gone to Saudi Arabia to get further instructions on how to conclude the assignment given to him, and he in return is inviting their grand godfather to come and supervise how it would be masterly executed, which was why El-rufai and Chief of Army Staff Buratai were equally summoned in Saudi Arabia too at the same time.

The Islamic Movement however assures “all the evil plotters within and outside that should Netanyahu decide to honour the invitation, he will be welcomed by doggedness and steadfastness of the Islamic Movement members”.