Masari signs bill criminalizing kidnapping, cattle rustling

Aminu Masari, governor of Katsina state, has signed a law that prescribes death sentence for anyone convicted of kidnapping or cattle rustling in Katsina.

Under the law, anyone convicted of rape is a liable to a mandatory life sentence in addition to a fine and compensation to victim.

Speaking during a brief ceremony where he assented to the law, Masari said the state is currently facing security challenges, hence the need to revisit the penal and procedural laws to deal with those involved in those crimes.

Masari expressed hope that it would stem the tide of violence and insecurity in the state.

“The decision to make these offences serious with the above punishment cannot be over-emphasised,” he said.

“It is hoped and prayed that they will serve as deterrence to those that may be convicted. And those that have the intention of committing them.”

In January, the governor had said the Katisna was under siege  by bandits, armed robbers and kidnappers, leaving citizens and visitors in vulnerable.

In May, Mohammed Adamu, inspector-general of police, had identified Katsina among the states with a high rate of crime.