Stop playing politics with Maina’s life – Maina family appeals

The family of the former Pension Funds Chief, Abdulrashid Maina, have appeals to the federal government and all other concerned authorities to stop playing politics with his life.
In a recent press statement issued in Kano signed by Abdullahi Usman, the family calls on the authorities to allow Maina access to medical treatment to avoid deterioration of his health, stating that, he is proned to paralysis.
Part of the statement  reads: “Most recent information reaching the family and friends of the former Pensions Funds chief, Abdulrasheed Maina on his health condition is intimidating and disturbing as it depicts denial of access to treatment as his condition deteriorates by the day.
“Anonymous sources  from the Kuje Prison where he is being detained say Maina’s Blood Pressure, as at Tuesday morning, as measured by the Prison’s medical personnel, reads 196/130 but nothing is being done to rush him to any equipped medical facility for treatment.”
The medical personnel examining him in detention were said to have warned the prison’s authorities on the deteriorating health of the former pensions chief but they did not heed to the warning.
“More so, the medical personnel have advised the authorities against the dangers of denying him treatment but the Prison’s service management at are playing politics with his health. His condition is so deteriorated that he could not stand or walk on his own unless supported by two people, one on each side.
“They have refused to allow him be kept in their medical facility within the prison even as their doctor strongly advised that he needs serious medical attention.
“We hereby call on the authorities concerned to stop playing politics with the life of Maina. He should be allowed immediate access to medical facility to receive treatment as provided by law. His condition can be made worse as he is liable to becoming paralyzed if urgent action is not taken.
“We also call on well meaning Nigerians to intervene on the matter as denying Maina access to good health will jeopardize the unearthing of truth about the allegations labelled against him. We thank all for their support and concerned” the statement said.