APC may loose power in 2023 due internal crisis – Former minister, Shittu says

A member of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) and former minister of communication, Adebayo Shittu has admitted that the the internal crisis within the party may lead to its loosing power comes 2023.

The former minister also added that the crisis may also lead the party to find it difficult to get votes in 2023 if the party fails to resolve its internal issues.

Shittu spoke in Osogbo when he featured on “The Frontliners”, a programme organised by the association of veteran journalists, Osun state branch.

He said that though the “Buhari factor” increased the popularity and acceptance of the ruling party in the last two general elections, the party stand to loose if the internal crisis remained unresolved before 2023 elections.

He said, “In the last two elections, Buhari got over 15 million votes and that is because he is on the ballot.  From the north alone, he got over 12 million votes on each occasion.

“If the APC is not careful and put its house in order, where will the vote come in 2023 if the magnet of Buhari is no more on the ballot?

“Buhari is the most selfless leader Nigeria ever had. This is one president who when elected slashed his salary by 50 percent

“As we also know, his lifestyle for the past 20 years has not changed. He is not flamboyant. What he is looking for is good legacy.

“Obasanjo failed when he attempted it (third term); so you think a less ambitious person would now be the one to do that? It will not happen, so I think it is not a matter we should focus on. It is a waste of time,” he added.