BREAKING: Angry man attacks Buhari in Kebbi, gets shot in the foot

By Bature Dan-Inni

An unidentified angry young man who attempted to attack President Muhammadu Buhari on Thursday in Kebbi has been shot in the foot by the security guarding the president.

President Buhari was in Kebbi state for the 2020 Argungu Fishing Festival.

In a video that has already gone viral, the angry young man was closing gap towards Buhari when the security details attached to the president overcome him and subsequently shot him in the foot.

However, Femi Adesina, described the young man as a supporter of president Muhammadu Buhari who wanted to get closed and take a picture with the president.

In a statement, Adesina said, “As the president went round the arena to inspect rice pyramids, a young man was so very excited to see his president so close. He made an attempt to get to him.

“World over, such would not be allowed by security details. The young man was prevented and he protested that he shoud be allowed to greet his president. Now, professional contortionists are making mischief of the event. They are passing the video clip off on social media as an attempt to attack the president,” he added.

Though the angry young man was taken away, many Nigerians who watched the video alleged that the man was an aggrieved Nigerian who wanted to attack the president.